Food for thought and laughter

At the playground, K’s playground friend was saying bye bye and that she has to go home and eat her porridge.

My helper turned to K and asked if she too is going home for porridge. K gave a HAHA.

My helper then asked K again if she is having milk for dinner and K replied yes.

Biting and holding up her nibble spoon

I feel glad that she seems like she understood that given her condition, she can’t take her food orally.

We give her nibbles of her puree and cut fruits now and then for flavour. But only harder fruits for nibbles (like apple).

She has teeth and and I worry slightly about her chomping off soft fruits like banana 😛

She also likes to do her HAHA laughs whenever she thinks something silly is happening around her. When I go “I forgot something”, sometimes I will hear this soft HAHA going on behind me.

Her timing is good, i must say. I imagine she could be a comedian when she grows up and can tell jokes.