Packing for Self-Supported Malacca Trip

Litespeed Bikepacking setup

Recently had in mind to cycle up to Malacca for a trip. Then I had some friends suggesting the same.

Malacca is about 250KM away from my home.

We are planning to hit it in a day. Spend a day in Malacca. Hop to Batu Pahat to take it easy. And then home. It will be a 4D3N trip.

I believe, with procrastination out of the way, we will make it.

Just sharing my pack and prep here.

Topeak 10L saddle bag

Saddle Bag packing

This is the main carry for my clothings. I have packed 1 day worth of clothing with a pair of slippers easily. This trip will be slightly more as I will try to “make do” for a 4D3N trip.

I packed

  • pair of shorts
  • Pair of socks
  • Pair of slippers
  • 3 pairs of briefs
  • Pair of boxers
  • 2 T-Shirts

Rapha Handlebar bag

Handlebar Bag setup

I use this for portable battery bank, repair kit and spare tubes.

Final setup on bike

For these trips, I removed my usual bike computer + Go Pro mount.

I mounted the bike computer on the stem and the light on the handlebar.

This is to allow me to have access to the handlebar bag on the go should i want to reach in for some snacks.

Litespeed Bikepacking setup

WIth both bags mounted onto the bike, I mounted the rear Exposure lights with the usual mount. I just make do.


Just normal riding. Past few weeks has been lesser than average 120km/week. We will be doing 520km in 4 days. That will be much more volume than usual. Let’s hope I can roll.