Books and crafts week

This week we started going through story books with K. We haven’t read much books With her. The ipad is always an easier choice. Even at night, we also let her be sometimes and watch or play her ipad. 
During midweek, we started going through her books in the evening to avoid over stimulating her with the TV or ipad. It wasn’t enough as her limited books are short, touch and feel stories and not all books pike her interest. We went through it within 2 nights.
Fortunately our National library has a very good source of books for the kids. Me and wife went out to borrow these books. It should be able sustain her ever changing interest for a week or 2.
While I was out for the arvo running some errand. Mum and K collaborated on this Easter bunny basket. The handle’s not in yet at the point of photo taken. 
She loves to help out in any way she can, be it holding bits of paper or coloring. We let her help if possible. 
Her mind is only limited by her body. We will just have to work harder and improve our imagination to bring the world to her.