hello everybody

Hello everyone, my name is Kaelyn. I was born in the February of 2012. Mummy said I  was always kicking around and doing drops and somersaults in her tummy before I popped out of her tummy. 

Daddy said that I was a really angry baby when I popped into this world. I was screaming and crying when he first set eyes on me.

Me? Angry and screaming? I am such a sweet baby. How could I do that. Oh well…maybe when I am hungry or warm perhaps.

Me jumping, doing somersaults and kicking in mummy’s tummy? I can’t really move myself right now.

I hear ma and pa talk to men and women about this thing called SMA type I. It seems that this thing makes me can’t sit up, crawl or walk.

Hmm…that means I don’t need to move myself, and always wheeled around. Maybe a good thing since I don’t like to perspire. I get cranky.

Anyway dad asked me to write down and remember what we have done together as a family, so this blog is borned. I popped this blog out?

Anyway stay tuned, I will let you know the fun things I do with mummy and daddy.

Until the next time…tata