3rd K Anniversary

We held our memorial for our girl’s 3rd anniversary.

How she looked like near each April 23rd from 2012, 2013, 2014

We just did it a day before the actual day. Due to busy schedules on a work day.

SameĀ  thing we do every year. We took a boat out for a moment. Just listening to the sound of the waves beating on the hull of the bumboat.

Each year, we engage the same operator who brought us out to scatter her ashes into the sea 3 years ago.

I guess familiarity breeds some kind of comfort.


These few weeks, our friends encountered life and death medical situation or hospital visits with their special kids. Inadvertently, my memories of my girl flow back stronger.

Most times, I just sit enclosed with the memories in my own bubble, shielded from the world by my car, negotiating traffic and bumbling my way around the real world.

In moments like this, the good and the bad that we and our little girl went through, came back. My wife and I talked about it. We sighed about the the things the little girl had to go through sometimes.

But still, we welcome it all.