Jacky Cheung 60 + Singapore concert

The one artiste whose concert I would love to attend.

Tickets started selling about 2 months ago. There were only 3 scheduled at the Singapore indoor stadium 8000 capacity show. The responses was overwhelming and the number of shows got bumped up to 9 shows.A total of 72,000 tickets

I would not have the chance to watch the concert if not for another friend who also lined up to purchase the tickets.

We secured tickets to the third show on the 16th July 2023.

It was value for money show. Jacky just kicks off 8pm sharp with few songs before introducing the supporting band and orchestra. The breaks between songs were short.

The orchestra and the band played well. The dancers put up a ballet themed dance. They just gel well. All in all, a very polished performance.And Jacky’s voice, solid as always.

I am very glad to have experience the live concert of 歌神張學友。

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