11th June 200KM cycle to Jementah

Someone asked. So we said go.

Simple as that.

Ben had mentioned before. He wanted to cycle up to his in-laws place. He asked if we wanted to go.

My passport was just ready. So…hell yeah

From my door steps to the house of Ben’s wife in Jementah. It was 229KM in total.

Did I mention my wife came along? This is her 1st 200km ride. And with bags.

We pack 1 night worth of clothing on our bikes.

2/3 journey. My wife said she took too much battering from the bad roads and her arms are aching until she does not have any feeling. But she still persevered while keep on asking if we are there yet in the final 20km.

All 8 of us completed without major hiccups.

The hours of continuous peddling reveal some problems.

  • Big pinch on my left butt. Not sure if chamois not suitable for me or saddle is slightly off centre.
  • Right shoulder ache. Probably need to bring up the stack in front for such rides.
  • Wife’s arms. Not sure if fit or technique where she locked up when she encounter bad patch of road.
  • Packing. Not sure where things should go and went into. Did not lose anything but I thought I left my hand pump in the home stay.

Had fresh durian from the plantation of XX’s family the next morning. It was good.

Went back to JB via chartered bus. No way I could do 200km back to back 😛

It was a good ride

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