Stroke on 1st May

In these years working in the same office as my dad, I have seen him physically fade.

His gait slower and with less force. Gets breathless easier.

1st of May. He suffered a mini stroke.

My mum called me on a Sunday. Out of the blue. My parents usually don’t call me on weekends since I see them during the week in office.

I have a niggling feel about this one. I was right.

She said my dad was speaking gibberish, one side drooping and total lack of strength on one side.

I told her to drive to hospital immediately since she is driving or else get an ambulance.

I made my way to hospital. But made a call to them on the way there to check on them again.

They ended up at home. My dad wanted to change his clothings and then get a Grab. Okay. *facepalm*

I was immediately made an exit from the expressway and got to their place to bring them to the hospital. My mum was with him in the emergency ward to get checked and admitted. I left them to it since I am not sure of any restrictions in the emergency ward.

Next day we come back to visit him. I saw him eating in the ward by himself. Thankfully, he is all good physically.

He got discharged after 3 days and some scans (CT and then MRI) done.

These few days, whenever I think about the frailty coming into the life of my loved ones, I just felt down.

I know. These are inevitable in life. It just really hits you when such things happen

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