Exposure Trace Pack

My rechargeable rear lights couldn’t hold charge well anymore. It’s been going on for a month or so. I kept holding onto a hope that I forgot to charge it, when it seems to be just fading further into darkness.

I saw a few of my friends using the Exposure Lights. It looked bright for its size and weigh like its size. So I thought I will give it a go.

I got the Exposure Lights Trace Pack MK2. It comes with Trace with white LED for the front, and TraceR with red LED for the rear.

Exposure Trace Tracer

In the box, it comes with

  • Trace Front Light
  • Trace handlebar mount
  • TraceR Rear Light
  • TraceR seat post mount
  • 2x USB Mini Cables

The body of both lights are made of CNC aluminium. And weighing in at 35gm each, it exudes a premium feel to it but without the hefty feeling.

The Trace

In addition, I got a set of 76 Projects GoPro To Exposure Trace Mount With Band as I knew I wanted to mount the Trace on the GoPro mount underneath my cycling computer.

The TraceR

I had some trouble with my behind.

My TCR has a teardrop shaped seat post. The TraceR seat post mount looks suited for conventional round seat post.

I stuffed some cut up rubber from an unused GPS watch mount. It felt wobbly when I push it around. But it survived on my next 100km ride after mounting it.

Exposure TraceR Seatpost Mount Top

From the side view, the TraceR literally stuck out like a sore thumb.

The wedges worked. But overall, I didn’t like it sticking out. So I got the Exposure Lights Saddle Rail Mount, giving a cleaner look.

I currently do not use a saddle bag as my repair kit sits in my jersey pocket. The saddle rail mount will not allow use of a saddle bag. So take this in mind if you like to use saddle bags.

If I were to do a bike packing trip with a saddle bag, for example a 2 Day 1 Night trip to Batu Pahat last year, I will have to revert to the seat post mount. WITH WEDGES PLEASE.


Both the Trace and TraceR behaves in the same way. It has 2 modes, constant and pulse, and each with 3 intensity.

Double-click the button to turn on the. While it is on, click once to alternate between constant and pulse mode. Press and hold to turn it off.

Battery Indicator

After the Trace/TraceR turns off, it will indicate its remaining battery life.

  • Green. 100-50% left
  • Amber. 50-25% left
  • Red. 25-5% left
  • Red flashing. 5% to empty

With the low pulse mode, it has a battery life of 24hours. While constant high mode will drain it in 3 hrs.

Adjusting Intensity

Adjusting the intensity is tricky though. You have to perform it when power is off. When it is off, press and hold the button until a pulse of light comes on and disappear.

When you press the button and hold, and see the

  • First pulse. High setting
  • Second pulse. Medium setting
  • Third pulse. Low setting

You let go of the button at your desired setting. It will remember your setting. The subsequent power ups of the lights will be at your desired setting. You then only need to switch between constant or pulse mode.


When I put on the TraceR seat post mount, I was a little disappointed that it did not fit well. You can purchase the aero seat post mount. It comes with a thicker wedge that will sit better on aero seat posts.

For the price I paid, I do wish the thicker wedge came together. I believe this will give a better experience for the user. This way, the lights will fit better for all right out of the box.

It will be fair enough to pay for other mounts for further vanity purpose.

Them lights will be sufficiently bright enough in the daytime as I have seen it in use. Really packs a punch in terms of brightness for its weight and brightness.

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