Enjoying the bike rides

Continuing from here, and unsurprisingly, we added accessories! Clipless pedals, GPS, lights, tights.

Of course, it doesn’t make us faster. But I feel good!

Cycling motivates me to get out to places other than the shopping malls. It actually connected me with some of my friends more.

Never mind if we are just poisoning each other with stuff to buy half the time when we meet each other.

I know cycling can be kept simple. Just simple cycle off with the 2 wheels. But hey, a new shiny object on the bicycle makes me feel good and makes me want to go out and ride!

To motivate myself to ride, I set a very modest target of 5000km to ride by end 2019. So far…not according to schedule, but not too far at the moment.

This distance may seem easy to some. I cycle with my wife most of the time. She might not want to go out too often. Also now and then, life gets in the way as well.

So far enjoying it. May be cycling is a good excuse to do something different in our neighbouring countries besides eating and the beach.

Excuse me while I go do some planning for once.

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