New toys

With the end of our Muay Thai gym membership coming after a year and half, the missus and I are looking for some fitness activities to do.

After each Muay Thai session especially lately, my hips, joints here and there feels alightly out of place or aching for more than a day.

An activity with less impact is more appropriate for one of a certain age and with a body not too used to generating a huge rotating torque.

Long story short. we ended up with 2 bikes, which I procured from my old friend’s bicycle shop.

A Juliet Scultura 400 for my wife and for me the Merida Scultura 400.

Initially, We were at another shop looking at Giant bikes with Shimano Sora/Tiagra groupset from elsewhere, which were quite tempting.

But i ended up with the purchase from my friend with the bikes with the Shimano 105 groupset.

My friend, Ben, got us set up to the right saddle height and gears shifting smoothly before sending us on the way.

Just doing my part as a friend, and on the way to join the clique of middle age men in tights.

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