Work Rant

Tired and slightly worn out from work.

These few weeks, I have to fight for anything that needs getting done feels like.

Routines like placing orders with suppliers, getting the supplier to deliver in time is a constant battle.

I just give up placating my customers downstream, which I find is a good thing to do.

Yes they are angry. But at least they get the truth, instead of feeling good, and eventually they come around to my point of view as I explained the recent changes with my suppliers as they changed management.

Another customer is just demanding for me to give him the this and that  even before a purchase order is cut out to me. Just fuck off, will you.

Then I have to spend time in the factory with my project team rush and roll out a system ASAP.

I take comfort that computers are always constant and have no ego.

The softwares have their APIs. The system has their sensors and mechanics.

It’s just having to work around what resources are present, and to make the system work.

God damn it. Humans are the ones that are difficult to work around.

I want my time back for Muay Thai and photography!

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