We don’t wish to but we have to

I had to drop by the hospital as I have arranged to meet the parent of Chloe to pick up some things.

They are one of the family in our support group.

I was there as the nurse was attempting to set the IV plug on the wrist for Chloe’s treatment.

This is a weekly event for Chloe.

The nurse tried 2 or 3 times to find the vein but couldn’t.

I left. But they did eventually set the plug successfully on the other arm

I thought of Kaelyn resting at home nursing her infection. It’s been 12 days since she started having intermittent fever.

We are contemplating hospital admission but don’t wish to risk any other form of infection (although you could say she already is)

We have increased the intensity and occurrence of her chest physio daily in the attempt to keep her lungs clear and open as her mucus generation increases following the onset of some form of infection.

When she’s sick, her schedule are like this 1. Wake up 2. Start nebulizer 3. Chest percussion (this could take awhile) 4. Cough assist and suctions 5. Rest/play 6. Nap

Repeat the above for 3 times during the day time.

Our coughs, percussion and suction could take quite a while (as long as 2 hours sometimes) as we try to clear her airways properly.

We jammed up 3 suction catethers attempting to clear her single nasal airway yesterday. It was thick and sticky even after the nebs.

The treatment/therapy takes out a lot from Kaelyn. She looks dead beat after that.

As a parent, I believe it hurts for parents to see their child go through such pains of probing and piercing, let alone on a regular basis.

We could only try our best to console the kid as they undergo the treatment/therapy to get them better.

Making them undergo treatment/therapy are sometimes between the devil and the deep blue sea.

If only pain is transferable.

We don’t wish to but we have to. Sigh.

Note: I understand there are individuals that may ask why put them through more pain in their life. Of course this question definitely comes to the mind of the parents of special needs kids. But that would be another topic for another day 🙂