da da ma ma

I walked past Kaelyn’s room one evening while the door was ajar after we had just carried her into her room.

Mummy’s with her.

She grab mummy’s attention with her vocable call for attention. Mummy asked if someone walked past the room.

Lazing in bed, waiting for her bed time story
She answered yes.

Mummy asked who was it?

She managed to vocalized “da-da”

We tried that a few times of me walking by and Kaelyn calling out and identifying who walked past.

Then I switched role with mummy.

She manage a “muaaa”

Later I told her to try this “muahahahha”, something like Dr. Evil’s laughter.

She did a “muaa. Haha”

ROFL literally.

Her body is limiting everything a human can do. Even the muscles to smile is diminishing. When smiling she could only manage to curl one side of her lip up.

It’s really nothing to scream about for a 3 year old to barely make phrases or speak the words that resonates with just ahhs but inside us, we are squealing with delight for Kaelyn.