an earlier home care appointment

We brought Kaelyn to her home care appointment last Friday. It’s her first time out of the house since last December (not counting trips to the A&E)

Warming up in her stroller after months of not sitting in it

It was supposed to be 2 weeks later but it has been an eventful month (here and there). Home care and Starpals team deem it significant to bring forward the appointment.

Mandatory for every visit. The weigh in of daddy and Kaelyn. We totaled almost 100kg(97kg). We both grew in weight! Kaelyn was almost 15kg

I think she grew in her height too at 103cm.

There were discussions which mainly focus on her current main risk now, which is aspiration.

Recommendations were thrown in 1. Change to a faster absorption milk feed 2. Change to a GJ feeding tube

We are leaning towards option 2 ultimately as option 1 is a may/may not help.

However the frequent reports of bursting of the current batch of GJ tubes worries us.