Rude awakening

To hear a shout in the middle of the night from Kaelyn’s room with oximeter alarming is always not a good thing.

She looks like she was in discomfort. We went through part by part asking if this was painful. she said her stomach was aching. We had to suction her thick secretion present in her mouth.
It wasn’t the 1st time tonight she had to wake up and be suctioned. I was too deep in the sleep to hear what’s going on.

We cleaned her, settled her down and stabilized her and everyone tried to went back to bed.

Another shout.

This time she was aspirating. One of the worst fear we have.

My helper was suctioning. Had to bag her for a while. Managed to clear her airway and pacify her to rest without more drama.


Let’s hope no more drama

Kaelyn aspirating isn’t the first time within a short time frame.

It seems it happens when her body is stressed. It may be a sign of fundoplication becoming loose.

Right now K is knackered and is asleep with higher than usual heart rate. The oxygen concentrator is still humming away, providing O2 for her.

I couldn’t rest now, but just wondering…

How could we do without the oxygen concentrator for 2 years?

Silly me. By running to the hospital every time shit like this happens.

Both hospital and us could save more money by making this a subsidized standard item for special needs kid like K in the beginning. We save on hospital trips. They save on subsidies. They just need to prevent us from going to hospital 1 time less to cover the cost.

PS Just going off tangent wildly on the last part. Silly sleepy brains not going to sleep but having silly thoughts now.