Turn of event

Kaelyn having done ok since her admission, things suddenly took a turn in the hospital

Her fever spiked. It’s not high but it’s a constant low grade fever.

Her secretions and mucus became more in volume. Together with bleeding in her nose and throat (probably trauma from suctioning), all these just stuck together, making things unmanageable.

We were literally fishing for mucus plugs.

We bagged her few times.

We were recommended to intubated her. We went ahead with that to make her breathing and secretions more manageable.

Being intubated, she is now in ICU. Fever is gone.

We took the chance to do a bronchoscope procedure, clearing a plug in the airways Where we wouldn’t be able to reach it.

Her secretions production still high gear. We have still been able to keep her lungs clear, a plus point.
We are awaiting for better, clearer conditions in her airway to extubate her.

Gosh this feels like a rocket launch.

Fingers crossed