Equipments starting to break down.

K has been using her medical equipments since November 2012. Her inventory of medical equipments are

  1. Breas Vivo40 BiPap
  2. Covidien Desktop Oximeter
  3. Desktop suction machine
  4. Kangaroo epump
  5. Portable Oximeter
  6. Portable suction machine
  7. Ormesa Buggy

Most of her equipments are mechanical and/or driven or supported by batteries. Given time, both mechanical and electrical systems will deteriorate.

Her BiPap gave way 1 fine afternoon. We have since got hold of a replacement.

Her desktop oximenter and milk feed pump’s batteries are wonky. Thankful for the portable oximeter that was kindly handed down to us. It allow us to monitor K easily when we are out. So the batteries for the desktop monitor don’t matter much for now.

We’ve change out the battery and the leaky cannister for the portable suction machine before we went on the cruise.

Recently it is the milk feed pump that really frustrates everyone at home. It will spin for 7 or 8 times before giving out the feed error. Repeat this infintely.

We managed to get hold of and older milk pump and compatible milk bags, and then send our own milk pump in for servicing. Now to wait for the cost of servicing.

Kind of frustrating to have different problems coming in one by one, week by week. However I am grateful none of those happen during the cruise trip.

Another problem we are facing is that K is slowly growing in age and size. She is going to outgrow her buggy, mattress, beds. I would say this is a good problem to have:)