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K has been doing well in the period leading into and after the cruise, until last midnight.

K vomited around twice.

No fever. No cough or cold. She just threw up after her end of a feed and shortly after her medicine and flush for the evening.

It was almost time for bed time for all when my helper shouted for us. She noticed liquid starting to spew out from her mouth. Seconds later, her spo2 started to descend.

We stabilized her spo2 with suctioning and a blast of O2. Her heart rate went up and stayed there.

Shortly after she threw up again. Again, we stabilized her.

Given the recurrence in such short while, we were worried about aspiration into her lungs. We decided to bring her into KKH, have a look at her x-rays and a check while she is doing ok, instead of having to rush out there should she deteriorate.

Although K’s been in and out of the hospital a few times. She just gets agitated when she  sees the people in nurse or doctor gown approach or touch her.

She got so agitated her spo2 dropped enough for the medical staff to bag her.

She is stable, but at a higher resting heart rate and Bipap settings.

Hopefully she will settle soon back to her baseline, or close enough to get her out of her ASAP.

She just has to make a stay in hospital an anniversary thing.

We have been admitted last year on the same date, and probably the year before last.