Gold class seats

After being down for a few weeks, K has been recuperating and is getting physically stronger.

Since she has some of her strength back, we started to put her up in her seat to 45-60deg and her head looking straight ahead. 
Her usual head position is to the side to allow her saliva/secretion to easily flow out. If her head is straight, she has to put in more effort to clear her secretion.
We have her up looking out of the window and ask her to wave hi to the neighbors in the opposite block. We have her sit up to watch her shows on her tablet.
And she really enjoys it even though she has to put in more effort to stay in that position.
She refuses to come down when we get her to come down. 
I call this her Gold Class movie seat. It’s reclinable and has a leg rest that looks pretty comfortable for one to enjoy her movie.
This is Gold Class version 2, with a nicer tablet holder. We would also put her arms on slings to let her move her arms on her own. (This angle doesn’t look like she is too comfortable. She is ok)
Yes I think she probably needs better arm slings.
This lounger, together with her mattress is very useful. The comfi mattress provides a ventilated and comfortable padding on the lounger. The ikea lounger is really easy for us to put her back down flat promptly in the event she handle her sitting position or needs other attention.
The physio sitters provide really good support for her. Only problem the loaner we have fits her really snugly. Getting her out requires more effort (or we could try the next size?) to dig under her bottoms to lift her out, and at the same time ensure her tubes don’t catch on any corners or hooks
Clumsy dad is catchy (Geddit? No? Never mind:( )

Only problem is that she is growing up. The mattress is running out of “runway” for her length and her arm span has exceeded the width of the mattress. Need to think of a solution for our use case at home before clumsy dad accidentally knocks her off the lounger *gasp*