Getting out of the woods

It has been 2 to 3 weeks since the last terrifying episode, K has been doing ok. No scares.

We have her on the nebuliser with saline, together with Flumecil, to loosen her mucus or secretion.

I am glad to say she is doing much better now. We managed to stay out of the hospital throughout these period of time, which is kind of an achievement. But of course, we needed an oxygen concentrator to tide us through at home.

One thing we noticed is that she dislike even more turning her head to her left. It seems like she has a bit of phobia of not being able to manage her secretion.

Starpals doctors and nurses are still concerned with her right upper lobe as her air entry sounds unequal. Even when she is well, her air entry sounds unequal.

But it has been like this since about 2 years ago. Chest physios even when she is well doesn’t seem to make it better.