Sitting up high at PT

Before we went into the physio session over the weekend, we had a talk with K before we went in. She was always kind of upset at PT and home care sessions.

We told her that we are going to see the PT now. What will you do when you see the therapist? K laughed out loud.

GOOD! We like a brave girl!

Unfortunately her brave facade gave way the moment we wheeled her into the gym. Only after viewing a number of her favourite videos then she stopped fussing.

We tried sitting her up on the tumble forms chair during the session. Usually we don’t put her so high up as she may not be able to handle her secretions well enough. But she did managed her secretions while sitting up during the session there. She seem to enjoyed it too.

Sitting her up has the advantages where the lungs will be under lesser pressure as compared to lying down, allowing better gas exchange.

She also has a good view sitting up. Being a really curious (or busybody) girl, she loves this point of view.

We took the offer to loan the chair home. Together with an arm sling, she might have some way of having her own play time with some light weight toys. Let’s see if we can work some activities with her on the chair.

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