Simple Sundays

Was just looking back at last Sunday. We made a trip to the mall with K. It is not always that we bring her out to the mall but we did that. It’s just a simply a trip to the mall to do few things like meeting with dad and mum’s friend for lunch, doing groceries.
These simple things in life makes K’s usually monotonous week seem more special. She usually is confined at home in bed. So to be able to visit the pet store in the mall or window shopping around the kiddy shops makes the week slightly different in a good way.
Having lunch with daddy and mummy’s friends.
Shopping for groceries 

Walking around looking at bunnys and hamsters in the pet shop

Exploring the kids’ rides. Although it is pretty difficult to get her to ride now, she enjoys looking at kids playing. But she did have 1 kids ride in one of her hospital stay though, before her medical equipments weighed her down.