Clinic Visit

K made a visit to the paediatrician on Saturday. Normally we wouldn’t go to the clinic as since her vaccinations are done. K’s condition would usually present us with a choice of either stay home or go hospital. But it wasn’t anything serious…..I think.

For the last week, she had a lump on her bum. It looked like and we suspected it to be haemorrhoid to us. She was having difficulties passing motion until last Thursday, where she was really uncomfortable the whole day. My helper used suppositories on her. It did made her pass motion. But the lump was still there. So Saturday, we went to the clinic to have a look and maybe get some cream for her.

We went to the Kid’s Clinic at Seng Kang, the usual paediatrician. Mummy just makes a phone call to get a convenient time slot for the clinic the day before, and we just show up at that time. The staff there know K and her condition, and have always  accommodate us by putting us to the doctor as soon as it is convenient to do so. It cuts our waiting time, which is good. I am more concerned about exposure to viruses or bacteria than the waiting time itself.
After the check by Dr L, it wasn’t hemorrhoid but a small skin tear. Probably due to us cleaning her up more than usual . So all we got to do was to apply the antiseptic cream for K. That’s it.

K always has difficulty passing motion. She is already on the Nan 3 HA, which supposedly makes passing motion easier. But maybe due to the lack of muscles, she might not be able to exert the pressure needed to pass motion. We haven’t been too adventurous with her diet since her PEG procedure as we are afraid of clogging up her g-tube.