Just had a PT session just the last weekend. As usual, suspicious looks were given when we got into the clinic, thinking is this for me or just visiting?

And then fussing away as soon as she got onto the therapy mattress. Too late, little girl…

This session was on moving her joints properly and positioning of K. Ankles are a bit stiffer than last visit. So more time has to be spent in her AFO.

And also on how to work the simple sling for her legs. A thicker bolster would be better to support her thighs while her feet is suspended or sleeping. This would extend her hips slightly with the thicker bolster.

We always suspend her feet only. There wasn’t enough support for her as she had grown taller 🙂

With the thighs supported this way, she actually got more movement in her feet. Of course, more movement in our case is any slight movement. It’s something and we are happy about these little things. 
We could also encourage her by getting her to kick stuff while suspended on her sling. 

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