Floating K

It’s been ages since K got into the water. The only time I blogged about it was K in this tub. This was before her nasal tube feeding, and the collection of machines that came along later.

After that, she probably had had a dip or 2 in a smaller, shallower tub. One where we could hold her easily around her neck.

Why no neck float? I think her therapist mentioned about the body getting heavier, so not so good to just use the conventional neck float for toddlers. And also it would be easier for us to position or reposition her head and neck so that we can better handle her secretions.

Anyway 2 weekends ago, we went back to my parent’s place where they had a small pool. We brought K into the water!

She loved it. She was trying to move her arms and legs in the water. Clearly pleased to enjoy a different sensation when the jacuzzi bubbles started.

No swimsuit as she had outgrown the one she had.

We didn’t have to hold her up too much. Only the head. Her legs actually floated. Anyway we got a small float so we had half her body on the float instead.

Spent a good 20 minutes in the pool without her mask. She refused to get out as we wanted to get her out after10 minutes (Spoil sport right?) But seeing she could still handle her secretion, we just let her be for another 10 minutes.

Will try it again as soon as the haze in Singapore clears up.