In time for Christmas

It has been about about 4 weeks since Kaelyn was discharged from hospital. She is home and in jolly good spirit. She also had the chance to receive gifts and unwrap presents for Christmas. (Last year Christmas was spent in hospital)

She went in with a high fever and cough. we had to go through a bad episode of having to fight to help K breath and stay alive.

When she was admitted, no chest x-ray was done as the doc saw her breathing was under control and didn’t really want to x-ray her too much. Not too sure if we should have fought to get the x-ray done initially. But she got 1 after she desat severely, revealing a collapsed right upper lobe. This was her weak point. Every time she gets admitted due to problem in her breathing, x-ray always shows this problematic spot.

Her blood test for common viruses, (RSV, influenza and maybe 5 other which I have no idea) came back negative. Only her cough and low grade fever for 4 days or so indicated infection. Probably heavier mucus flow resulted in a mucus plug that led to that tense evening and the collapsed lung. We didn’t do any chest physio during the week after she was discharged for her PEG procedure. Maybe that contributed to her getting an infection. She could have gotten it from daddy as well, since I was down with a cough that week.

They had her on twice a day chest percussion therapy (CPT) and cough assist by the physios during her stay. We do another set of CPT by ourselves around her sleeping time. They turned up her BiPap setting to 15/8, which has since been cut down to 13/7 during her last home care clinic last Friday.

It was a tiring 3 weeks taking turns staying overnight at hospital for night shift while trying to clock the hours for office. Must be age catching up. But one thing for sure is that I am glad that we can spend Christmas Day at home with Kaelyn.