Breathe in breathe out

This was the mantra I told K at home when she desat as she chokes on her secretion or gets angry and hold her breath. This was what I told her as I left her for the docs to extubate her. This is the 3rd day after her op. 
The curtains were drawn closed. It reopen 20 minutes later with K on her usual mask. Not only that, they already had done an intubation on the baby on the next bed. 

They had intubated her right after she was brought out of the OT with her own mask. Surgeon deemed she was fit. But upon transferring of bed, she desat. Docs see her as unable to breath on her own. We loved ones saw her as just agitated. 
And when agitated, K does things like controlling her breath, bringing her sats down. 
She brought it to record low on her own yesterday evening about 8 hours after her extubation. Several factors probably. Nurse she hates. Leaky mask. Too many strangers. Our princess didn’t like. 
Her SPO2 went down to the low 60s even with the oxygen at 15L. We didn’t really want to let the nurses do their job this time round. We had confidence in K. With pacification from mummy, the helper suctioning her and me ensuring her mask doesn’t leak when not suctioning her nose, her spo2 was back at 100%.
Our objectives now is to prevent her from being agitated and innocently intubated for nothing, and get out of the wards ASAP after learning to care for her button.