Barium/contrast study

Early morning, we had to dig K from her sleep at around 7am. Thankfully she is a morning person. She has a jolly mood mostly when she woke up. We have an appointment for her barium meal/contrast study. This is done in anticipation of her Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy(PEG) procedure  2 weeks later. 

I didn’t ask or read much for this study. But probably they want to have a look at how her stomach looks like and if there are any obstruction or exception they would expect.

The appointment was at 9am. Good that this is the 1st appointment. The previous VFSS we did, we had a hour and half wait. To hungry babies and kids, this is quite an eternity as you are not allowed to have food 3 or 4 hours before.

The bad is the morning rush hour traffic. But thankfully no exceptional bad traffic. 

K can really fuss for quite a while. Throughout the half hour under the scan and preparation time, she was fussing non stop. I hear this is good exercise for their lungs :p

We finished everything without much problem. Hopefully her upcoming PEG procedure will be like this too.