MDAS Out to Marina @ Keppel Bay

Saturday (21/09/2013) was a pretty sunny afternoon. Usually not a time when we would bring Kaelyn out for walk as she will complain because of the afternoon glare and heat. But anyway we are out because of MDAS invitation to Marina at Keppel Bay.

It’s a place where daddy and mummy wanted to go have an afternoon off to eat brunch and see the boats but still haven’t go yet. This time, they got the excuse to go there. So you could say that Kaelyn brings them to places.
When we arrived, we actually had Ms. Eunice Olsen at the drop off area to welcome the kids that came. She is the Ms Singapore Universe for the year 2000! And you can also say that Kaelyn also brings us out to rub shoulders with a celebrity.

We were whisked off for a walk with a group of volunteers, Jay, Jeanette, Jackie and the staff (sorry forgot your name) who showed us around the only private island left in Singapore.

We had the umbrella bearers to thank as they made it easier for Kaelyn to enjoy walk under the shade.

Our Miss Naughtiest in Punggol was up to task too 😛 She was waving her hands as she was pushed around the island for the tour.

After the walk, we headed up to the air conditioned room for the rest of activities. Balloons are of course not to be missed.

We had songs as well.

We had games too but by this time, this little girl was tired and wanted out. She was pushed around the open air area and fell asleep. She was even snoozing even while she was back in the noisier indoor function hall while having group photos taken.

I believe little K enjoyed the day out. A big thanks to the volunteers for their time and effort in making these little ones feel welcome

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