Pinnacle@duxton walk walk

It seems like a nice day to bring Kaelyn out for a walk. We had planned to bring her to the roof garden on the 50th level of the pinnacle @ duxton for a walk. There was a slight drizzle while on the way there, threatening to spoil the day. But thankfully it stopped and the ground was not wet (dried up pretty quick plus just a short while of drizzle only)
I think it’s a good day for Kaelyn. She hasn’t been outdoors as it rained during her park time in the late afternoon a few times in the week. And yesterday as she refused to take a nap, we didn’t bring her out.

Her nap times are getting lesser. She gets tired but refuses to go to sleep in the late afternoon, and choosing the inopportune times to fall alseep, such as during her chest physio, which is about an hour and half away from her normal bed time. The thumping probably comforts her, even though she has been rejecting pat pats while bed time.

Also the past Sunday have made us worried as she vomited twice in a day last week. 
We were worried that such occurrences will happen again and will threaten her life again. But she is looking good still, and we are doing what we can to minimize the risk of vomiting/aspiration until her gastrostomy and fundoplication procedure.
It’s nice and breezy up there on the 50th level. 
Auntie Jolyn lives there, giving us access to the park. So cousin Isaac tagged along too.
We even carried her out to have a better view and while she can still tolerate upright, heads over our shoulder position 

I think the cuzzies had fun.