Home care session (23/08) and reflux issues

Kaelyn measured in at 10kg++ and 81cm in length. Not much weight increase this time round so feeding stays the same. An increase of about 2.5cm in length/height.

She got to try out the cough assist this time round as we requested for it previously. We only tried out a few sets at +-10 pressure settings. This is a very low setting. I guess they have their concerns as I think KKH is trying out the cough assist machine on such a young patient (Kaelyn is 18 months old) for the first time.

I think there was a positive outcome as her SPO2 increase from her average of 98 to 99-100. I shall give it a benefit of doubt that it is the cough assist machine working.

The next time round in hospital would be for her PEG procedure. I really can’t wait for this actually as there is a reflux issue surfacing now. Recently Kaelyn had reflux again. This time while suctioning for her. It is worrying. I will try to schedule it earlier if possible.