A walk in the (West Coast) Park

Did this draft in July but forgot to post it. This park visit was done 22nd July 2013. 

A Sunday noon and it’s all fine weather. Nothing better then going out for a walk in the late afternoon. Mr. Sun was shining down. It was a beautiful afternoon. We decided on West Coast Park. A little far from our place but it gives Kaelyn some time to nap in the car.

The park was filled with activities from park goers. Kite flying, ultimate frisbee. With the side flaps down, We think Kaelyn enjoyed the sights.

Her cousin Issac came along too. I think Kaelyn enjoyed the company of her dear cousin. She just brightens up whenever we get that boy to give her a kiss or hug.

No pictures of the beautiful day. The photographer was too absorbed in his own walk 😛