2nd Home Care Session (10/05)

10th May was Kaelyn’s 2nd home care visit. It was supposed to be a session with 2 other kids. But none of them turned up, so Kaelyn has full attention from the therapists, nurses and doctors.

We got Kaelyn and daddy weighed in too. 9.6kg. Dietitian decided she has put on weight too fast so reduce her milk powder feed by half cap. We feel it in our arms too when we carry her 😛
She got her height taken too. 78.5cm. And she is growing fast such that the occupational therapist mentioned that she would probably need a cuddlebug  in few months time.  Oh well let’s delay the new stroller for as long as possible. It will be a rather substantial cost 😛
Mummy mentioned if she could stand, she would have reached mummy’s bum. But maybe if she could stand, probably gravity and weight would not have let her grow as tall as she is now.
We also decided to start the ball rolling for Kaelyn undergo the gastrostomy procedure. 
NOT gastronomy. I wish she could though. Since she has to be on tube feeding for long term (very long), it makes sense to do this and fundoplication by the way to reduce the risk of reflux. But it would be months as she has to undergo appointment with the surgeon and perform some tests before they would go ahead.