Visual cues vs oximeter

We had a minor scare during the weekend. What happen wasn’t serious, but in fact quite funny come to think of it.

We were attending a church service last Saturday when in the middle of the service, we noticed Kaelyn’s O2 Sats weren’t doing too good. We proceed to perform some suctioning on her airway as she has quite abit of secretions. But she didn’t maintain her sats but it continued to drop slowly.

We were starting to get anxious and turned on her oxygen supply, when we also smell something. It is slightly embarrassing on Kaeyn’s part, but well…she is just a little girl. It was smell of poo πŸ™‚ we pushed her out of the room quickly before the congregation leaves the room πŸ˜› We were also slightly anxious still as her O2 sats are still not good.

Since the changing room was in the ladies, I did not follow. After minutes of changing Kaelyn out, they came out. Kaelyn is fine. I think she was exerting strength and not breathing as much hence the drop in O2 sats.

Funny when we come to think of it but not so funny at that time.

Oximeters is just a machine and it only reacts according to how the body is or how you are condition your body to be. Perhaps we depend on the oximeter a little too much. It would be good if learn to be more sensitive to visual cues that Kaelyn shows as well.