Happy morning

Kaelyn woke up feeling really happy this morning. She is all along a morning person. She wakes up cheerful. But this morning, she was especially happy. Not sure why but maybe she had some really sweet dreams the previous nights.

When you ask her to call papa, mama or auntie (our helper), she gives a short grunt or hmpf. If you ask her to sing a song, she actually pulls that grunt or hmpf longer. I am also glad that she is known as a courteous girl as she will greet and wave hello to any visitors who greeted her.

However we noticed that her movement in her mouth/lips area has lessen. From her old videos we had, she had more variance in her pitch and rhythm in her vocalization. She also used to be sticking her tongue out as and when. But now, she could only manage a short peek of her tongue out of her mouth. It could be the muscles being weaken in those area. This will probably affect her speech. Perhaps I wouldn’t be able to hear her call out papa or mama.

No matter, every morning she wakes up with a beautiful smile is an added bonus for us. We treasure it.