Outing to Marina Barrage

Shuhui’s cousin organised a picnic at the Marina Barrage. We were invited. It was a good chance to bring Kaelyn out for some sightseeing, sun ray and a whiff of fresh air.

Well…not really fresh as she still puts on the bipap mask over her nose.
It was 5:30 pm when we reached. The sun was setting and it was breezy. Worries about the rain were of no concern. So it was good for this young lady who will grimace and voice her complains at strong and warm sunlight.

Look at this happy little girl taking in the view and enjoying sun, breeze and the activities going on around her.

Looking at mummy play bubbles. Kaelyn did enjoy looking at the bubbles flying pass her.

I love the lights at sunset. Sometimes it sets the sky on fire. Sometimes it’s a beautiful painting with a hue of red and orange. Of course the picture below don’t justify the beauty of nature. It’s just a skyline from our point at Marina Barrage.

And a rare family photo! My helper needs some improvement in her photo taking skills 😛

I am glad this girl enjoyed herself out there. For me, I was the usual slightly paranoia dad, who spots a coughing niece and the just recovered from fever cousin Isaac there, and is afraid of them having too near contact with Kaelyn.

Ever since the episode leading to ICU, I had to learn in a painful the effects the slightest flu can have on Kaelyn. And that is why our support group heavily emphasis on the avoidance of crowded places and people with even the slightest flu.