Finally a session at L

We have been making appointments for Kaelyn to attend L’s therapy session, but we have to put off thrice because of Kaelyn’s. Finally after 3-4 months, Kaelyn was well enough to attend.

The session we had was mainly about fine tuning our technique and timing for chest physio and suctioning this time round.

We also tried sitting her up which is fine as we do it at home sometimes. We flipped her over on her tummy as well. This put her secretion in sort of a free flow mode, which is good as it will not clog her throat. Even L’s so call water resistance membrane cloth was not match 🙂

We tried flipping her at home after the therapy session. She wasn’t as cranky as she was at the therapy session. Probably she was surprised by such a move the first time round at the therapy session, considering we didn’t put her in this position much. While lying in this manner home, she watched enjoyed her back rubs and massages.

All 3 of us took turns flipping her on her tummy and back. All this flipping back and forth probably tired her out. She was cranky at end of session and was knocked out when we put her back into the stroller.

This is her having her nap in the car while on the way home. Good nap.