Sunday morning walk

We had wanted to bring Kaelyn to a park or something like that but always foiled by the weather.

Hence this time round, instead of opting to go out in the afternoon, where showers are more likely to appear, we went out in the morning.

We went to the nearby Punggol park. Not the waterway as I feel that there isn’t much shades along Punggol waterway. Kaelyn hates the sun.

One of the reason for bringing her out is to erm…let Kaelyn get some sun. It would be just too boring for her to keep her at home the whole week.

I was quite surprised at the number of people and activities. This is good as Kaelyn gets to see the activities going on.

Another reason for coming out was to give the external power supply for Kaelyn’s Bipap machine a run. This external DC power source gives us 3 hours of runtime. Adding the internal battery’s 1.5 to 2 hour, this gives us 4.5 hours of runtime for her Bipap machine.

Maybe next time round we go further to the East coast park.