A real staycation

Because of Kaelyn’s birthday and the intention to celebrate for her, we booked the bungalow chalet down at NSRCC……6 months in advance. Me and my wife may be laid back most times, deep down we are still kind of kiasu (scared to lose out)

Our plan was to stay over for 2 nights. Logistics wise, it is a little headache. I have to move Kaelyn herself, her clothing and diapers, equipment, stroller, milk, medical consumables and her beloved bolster/s. Of course we had our own stuff to bring too. But anyway we made it with everything.

NSRCC is just along the sea. So there is no better place to take her mask off and go for walks. It was nice to get out of the house for Kaelyn.

And for her small party, we decided she should have some balloons.And of her favourite cartoon, Barney too.

Mummy blew up some of the balloons and put up some banners

Mummy’s friend P, couldn’t be here here physically, so these beautiful and delicious cupcakes from her represented her. It definitely got my (stomach) attention.

Her birthday cake, courtesy of her aunt Jolyn

Kaelyn had her first taste of cake. Though she doesn’t have teeth yet or bite the cake. Still a taste of the beautiful cake and cupcakes definitely had her attention.
It was a small party, with a few friends. We appreciate the effort of those who came (The place wasn’t that accessible). We thank you all for your gifts for Kaelyn. Most importantly the gift of time these friends have given us. Be it visits to the hospital or to our place, we enjoy your presence. I am sure Kaelyn loves visitors now and then.