The new iPad Mini

Mummy got Kaelyn an iPad Mini while in the previous hospitalisation. It was meant to be a Christmas present for her.

Her favorite videos are Tom and Jerry cartoons, Barney and most of all the alphabetic songs from pink fong.

She loves the songs and stories from this pink fong app. She watches it so much that even the nurses taking care of her in the last hospital stay knows how to sing along while doing procedures for her. She can watch and listen to it over and over again. Good for me, since I don’t have to buy new songs/stories in a long time :p

For now she seems reluctant to interact on the iPad, contented to just watch her cartoons. But we wish that she could try to swipe the screens and stuff like this so that we can encourage her to move her arms or fingers. Anyway grandpa did up a stainless steel frame, which could be used to hang a sling to support her arms for a longer period of time.

Maybe that might encourage her to move her arms. Will try that out soon.