Kaelyn’s equipment

Ever since her discharge from her last admission into KKH, we have to go home with a number of equipment.

1. Pulse Oximeter
The Nellcor N-600x. This is to monitor her Oxygen(O2) saturation level (O2 sats) level and her pulse rate. It is also good for getting a warning that she is waking up from her sleep. Normally, her O2 sats should be greater than 95%. Her pulse rate at home and in hospital differs a bit. It is higher at home. So we are trying to see that she settles down at home and maybe establish a baseline for her pulse rate.

2. Bipap Machine & humidifier
The Bi Level Positive airway pressure machine continuously pumps air into her airway to ensure she gets enough air to breathe. The humidifier works to ensure the air entering her airway is not too dry.

3. Kangaroo ePump
She had her inpedence test done in her last stay in KKH. The results were a significant reflux. So for now, feeding her is a round-the-clock affair. This is to reduce the pressure of one single bolus milk feed on her digestive system, and minimising the reflux issue for now.

4. Suction machine
She has 2 of this. One a “desktop” version, or rather one that is stationary and has no backup battery. The other is the DeVilbliss portable suction machine, which we promptly got as a backup after the incident where the suction machine broke down. It is also for whenever we leave house. We can help clear Kaelyn’s airway as and when we need if we are out.