Equipment failure on the day of discharge

On the day Kaelyn was discharged and coming home, it was supposed to be a non-event, but I think this deserves a post on itself.

Before leaving the hospital, she had suction done on her airway by the nurses. She was transported into our vehicle with all our equipment and belongings, and was on our way home. it was nearing rush hour and traffic was not quite fast. While driving, I secretly prayed that the batteries of the equipment will last the trip home and not give up while stuck in the jam.

The batteries lasted the journey. She got into the house and onto her bed without much trouble. During the movement, her secretions started giving her a little trouble. We started up the suction machine and clear her up. We then proceed to juice up the equipment on our power point.

But shortly, her throat started to accumulate secretions again. We started up the suction machine. It couldn’t work anymore!!

No one could have anticipated that. I got my dad, Kaelyn’s dear grandpa make a trip to the vendor to get the portable suction pump pronto from his office as the vendor’s office was near his. The home care nurse with us also helped call another vendor to bring a set down. It was like the amazing race between my dad and the other vendor, except this wasn’t entertaining at all.

During that period of waiting for the suction machine to come in. I checked the fuse of the broken down suction machine. It was OK. Later we did discover the capacitor leaked or blew.

While waiting, as Kaelyn needed another round of suctioning. We used our mouth and breath on a suction catheter to perform suction for her. But the human breathe was not powerful enough. The home care nurses did improvise with a household product. It was really makeshift but effective. She got cleared up in her throat and mouth using this suction machine.

Grandpa made it before the other vendor. So we started it up to use it. Another problem was encountered. The set was faulty in a way that pressure could not be adjusted and was stuck at the minimum setting. But it was sufficient to clear her airway.

Mummy went to borrow another suction machine from a friend nearby. The same night, the vendor also got another working set in to replace the new but faulty portable pump. We were relieved that that we have a working suction machine of our own on hand.

This waiting of the equipment was probably for about 45 minutes but it sure felt like hours to me.