We are going to the zoo

It’s been a while since I have any updates. Dad is lazy to type for me over here. Anyway let me tell you about my trip to the zoo and the things I missed.

Yes. Dad told me that I have missed out on the big animals like the lions and giraffe. Why?

Because I snoozed again. ALAMAK! You can’t blame me. It was sunny. It was warm. It was humid. I was rocking in my pram. It was warm. Did I tell you it was warm? All these factors combined just knocks me out.

Anyway Dad and mum had long wanted to bring me to the zoo. This is one of the places they had wanted to bring me to the most! Mummy by chance got her hands on her company’s pass to the zoo. So we rocked our way down to the zoo together with cousin Isaac, Yi Yi & Yi Zhang, Grandma and Grandpa.

So many people right…We also brought so many things too. Look at this.

Dad even bought his own cold drinks. Mum approves of his action *facepalm*

This is with mummy in front of the zoo entrance. I am acting fierce. LOOK FIERCE RIGHT!!??

These are what i remember seeing when I was awake during the trip. It was all these small animals. There were squirrels, meerkat, parrots. And there are always a lot of monkeys hanging around the trees.

I must say that dad is a very lousy photographer. He takes pictures of me not looking at the screen. But he did help me take some pictures (but also not very good quality) of those big animals I missed. The lions and the giraffe.

Besides the animals I missed while sleeping. I also missed the animal show. WHY LIKE THAT!!

The warm weather take a turn when we were at the animal show. Dark clouds gathered and showered buckets of rain! It was raining so heavily the show was cancelled 🙁

Although I have missed out on a number of animals and missed the animal shows, this is one off the list where dad and mum wants to bring me to. I am sure I will come by again another day to see the animals I missed.