The VFSS Session

This afternoon, we went to the hospital again. This time round, the doctors are interested in how I eat. They want to see how the food will travel in my stomach body. They call it a Videofluoroscopic Swallowing Study (VFSS). This is because of the possible weakness that will happen in the area of the throat that aids in swallowing my food and drinks. They were afraid that my food and drinks will go to places they are not supposed to go to. Hence they will look at if that happens though this procedure.

So grandma timed my feeds properly that day, so that at the scheduled time for the the VFSS, I should be having my lunch and drinks.However it was not to be. The people in front of us took a long time. My meal time was delayed by an hour.

I wasn’t happy, and I let them knew that. I am pretty sure daddy heard me outside the x-ray theatre.

They added some chemical to my food so that when they x-ray me, so the food will light up on the x-ray. Mummy says the conclusion of this test wasn’t too good for me.

I am doing OK swallowing my cereal fine for now. Except that I should slow down between mouthfuls as the cereal actually goes down slowly. There is sort of a traffic jam in my throat with the solids. But other then that, it’s fine.

But for my milk, a little of it goes some where else. This is no good. as this may cause lung infection in the long run.

This is me waiting for more food after the VFSS. I did not do any MRI. It just so happen that when dad took a picture, some nurses pulled the cover over the door of VFSS theatre. I didn’t get my fill inside the the theatre, so here I am calling and waiting for more food.

I will have another go at this procedure again in 1 or 2 weeks later. If it is no good. I may have to drink my milk through a tube. And the tube will probably go in through my nose.

Ouch. It sounds painful already. I don’t wish to go through this. I am sure daddy and mummy don’t wish for me to go through. If I feel painful, I am sure they will feel my pain too. But to prevent any complications with my lungs, such procedures may be inevitable in the long run šŸ™