Living the life

These few Saturdays, I have been having a lifestyle mum and dad has been yearning for. Massages in the day. They have been attending a 3 session long massage package for me. So in this package, I get to be massaged and  mummy and daddy will learn how to to do it for me too. They’d better learn it good šŸ˜›
For the last massage session, I came in without my pants. This is what happens when daddy is in charge of putting together my wardrobe for the day. Tsk tsk.

Since I can’t move much myself and will spend quite a lot of time on my back, these massages helps me move those spots that I can’t move myself and this helps to stimulate and circulate blood to those spot. Says the very nice lady Ms. Valarie, who does the massage for me first, and at the same time showing mum and dad the how-to and where-to when massaging for me.
Too bad, I have only 3 lessons to enjoy these massages under professional hands…oh and another free lesson for mum and dad to recap what they learnt. 
This is mum trying what she just learnt.
I was feeling tired/hungry midway through the session. I wasn’t sure. A baby’s life can be very complicated. Sometimes I am not sure if I am tired or hungry or I just need a hug. I just cry. If you see clearly, you can see my tears.
And here with daddy’s turn to try his massaging moves, with mummy in front of me entertaining me with her phone
I hope mum and dad managed to learn about how to massage me. If they do not do it properly, I will give them little kicks with my little legs when I have the strength to do that. For now, I will just give one of my trademark farts if I am not happy.

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