Kaelyn goes to East Coast Park

Dad and mum, as always, wants me to feel the wind in my hair, whatever the amount of hair I have. So they have been trying to get me on a bicycle with them or to rollerblade with them.
So one fine day, they arrange a Sunday picnic with some cousins of mine down at the east coast park.
Mum and dad told everyone to meet at 9:30am near the MacDonalds at East Coast Park. I hear kids love this MacDonalds. I think I will like MacDonalds too.
We reached there and I saw lots of water and sand. This must be the beach they speak about.
I looked about for MacDonalds. Nowhere to be seen! Mum and dad forgot or didn’t know that there is no more MacDonalds anymore over there šŸ™ Thankfully that day, I did not poo poo a mess too big that requires much cleaning up from a proper toilet.
Mum and dad immediately went to get a bicycle to fetch me for a ride. Unfortunately, the sea breeze made the weather too wonderful not to take a nap. I snoozed.
I woke up. It was raining! No bicycle rides for me. Only my cousins got to ride.
I think this is what they mean by You snooze, you lose. Whats more, the sea breeze became stronger and started to blow the rain into the shelter. Mum and aunties have to build a shelter inside the shelter to keep me and cousin Issac warm and dry.
While the big people had their food, I pooped, drank milk and ate cereal. I like the breeze, the water and the open space. I hope mum and dad does something like this again soon.