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Tokyo Trip Day 1

Tokyo Trip Day 1

Was off for an 8 days trip to Tokyo with my wife and in-laws.

Most part of day 1 are spent on the plane. 7 hours to be more exact.

Fast and uneventful check out from the Narita Airport Terminal 1 immigration. This is good. No one wants to be touched by customs officers. Except if they are family. Or lover.

We paid for the Airport Limo bus to Tokyo station.

We then got our data SIM Card. 1.5GB for seven days at 3500yen. This data SIM card does not allow hotspot access. So sharing it is out.

We contemplated between getting a WIFI router (for approximately 1200yen per day) and a data SIM card. The cheapo in us prevailed, and also not all of us need Internet access to survive. So just one SIM Card will do.

You can get WIFI Router from Changi recommends for $8 per day for Japan. But you probably need to reserve it early. We tried to get it 1 day before. Sorry. All units are out.

Uneventful ride to Tokyo station. We didn’t want to figure out the subway yet, so we took a hike to our hotel Hotel Villa Fontaine, 800m away with our lugagges. The weather cooling, so the walk wasn’t too bad.

We arrived, stashed the luggage in the room and did the most important thing for the evening. Dinner.

We walked around just around the hotel.

Night scene with typical bicycles

And we settled upon this ramen shop.

Ramen Shop

Food was good.

Dinner - Ramen

Dinner - Beef Dish

Of course. The chefs were hard at work preparing our food.

Ramen Shop

End of Day 1. More walking to be done the next day.

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