December 18, 2016 by Kelvin Hobby 0

Bedok Reservoir Sunset

Had an evening to myself. I brought my camera out to work. Seeing that there was no overcast skies, I rushed off right after work to catch the golden hour. I wanted to try out Bracketing shots to be able to merge them to create a high dynamic range (HDR) photo Sharp Image from foreground to background Attempts at HDR Photo I picked the a boat docked by the reservoir as the subject and shot into the sun. I picked an exposure to correctly expose the sky. This causes the foreground to be underexposed. Setting the camera on timer mode causes the bracketing function to take all the shots automatically. The camera figures it all out and compensates the bracketed shots by adjusting the shutter speed. 1 thing i learnt from this exercise is that HDR probably will not work for long exposure. Some shots I took was about 20 seconds. A boat will move at the slightest wave. When i tried to merge, the boat was not able to be aligned. I post processed using the graduated filter in Lightroom for shots that properly exposed the sky and pushed up the exposure. So for such shots, using the graduated […]

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