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Runny eggs

Runny eggs

My eggs run away from the kitchen. No they weren’t literally running.

Tired of eating outside, I made simple dinner with packed food from my Tokyo trip.

Since the dinner had a tinge of Japan, I went to make Soy sauce eggs (Shoyu tamago) as well.

I have been wanting to make these eggs. Solid on the outside, runny on the inside. I have to plan and cook it earlier next time as it would probably taste better with the marinate soaked and absorbed by the eggs thoroughly.

The eggs straight from the refrigerator, went into the boiling water for 6 minutes.

Elly says to cook and stir it for the first 2 minutes. I did but my pot probably wasn’t deep enough. The eggs were standing while cooking. The yolk ended up at the bottom very close to edge.

I plunged the eggs into ice water to stop it from cooking. Peeled it gently and soaked it in soy sauce for a pathetic 15minutes.

I served it with the scallops (only need to heat it up) and there’s my dinner.

Shoyu tamago, scallop for dinner

The texture looks OK. Just need to marinate it for hours next time round


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